All Through Winter by K.R. Prince

Series: All Through Series #2
Published by: Yellow Tree Publishing
Release Date: June 12, 2018
Username: Xishmish
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Also in this series: All Through the Night by K.R. Prince

“You are so beautiful, Helena…” she said with that voice I adored; dulcet and rasping. She caressed the sides of my thighs softly. Emily was always especially gentle with me. Emily always made me feel like a finely crafted answer —as if I were the resolution to everything that mattered to her. She was always watching over me; she never made me feel broken… even though I was.

Refusing to lose her daughter, and willing to do whatever it takes, Katherine Millan moves Helena to Switzerland and allows Emily to come along. What will happen when their magical trip comes to an end and Emily is forced to return to San Francisco without Helena and their unborn baby? While facing some demons from her past, Emily fights to make her way back to them again, discovering along the path just how quickly life can give and so ruthlessly take away.

Emily and Helena’s beautiful journey continues in this heart-bending tale. Their life transforms and the unexpected happens while consumed in the trappings of an unforgettable love, fervid passion, and loss.