Ransom’s Redemption by Rhavensfyre

Published by: Self-Published
Release Date: March 27, 2016
Username: Rhavensfyre
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At first it seemed harmless enough, then came the photographs, intimate details of her life laid out in glossy black and white. Next they came into her home, leaving a single black rose, each thorn painstakingly painted blood red. The threat was clear. Victoria Carrillo had to find a place of safety from her unknown stalker. Ransom Greathouse had found her place of sanctuary away from the world. After a harrowing experience during her last deployment, she was sent home, wounded and broken. The past wouldn’t let her go, but she was determined to find peace in her own way. She never expected to be thrown back into her old job again. Protecting another human being was the last thing she needed, and she should have said no…but when Victoria Carrillo showed up at her doorstep, another past showed up with her. One she couldn’t turn away. Ransom Greathouse will do whatever it takes to keep Victoria safe, even it kills her. In the end the only option is failure or redemption.