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“However, as it turns out, there are certain benefits of being able to write and draw things on your mortal enemy’s skin without them knowing.” - fate, the ultimate matchmaker by terribledorkness #SQDfics

This is a really cute #SwanQueen AU starting in high school but with later time jumps. Kind of angsty at moments, but mostly cute. #SQDfics

“I think we figured out the definition of ‘perfect’.” - Learning How To Live by 1clevergurl

AKA Emma the handywoman stumbles into the life of new mother Regina Mills. #SQDfics

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This fic is like The Proposal, except way more fluffy and domestic. #SQDFics

cynarabueno - Right kind of wrong

SQ meets Groundhog Day #SQDfics

Vampire smut. Enjoy 😉 #SQDfics

Random fic rec because this is forever one of my favorites🙌
The Great Wide Somewhere by amycarey #SQDfics

“The ride wasn’t too rough, I take it?” 😏

"Defying Gravity" by spookycat #SQDfics

Prism by coalitiongirl is amazing, even though I kind of want to slap my babies for being lovable idiots the entire fic. #SQDfics

If you haven't read Emma Swan, Professional Cuddler, you should because it's pure fluffy amazingness. #SQDfics

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